Thyme is Precious By Personal Chef Perry McCown in RoseVille

About Chef Perry McCown

As far back as I can remember mom made the kitchen the place to be. She made experimenting with food fun and yummy. Cooking was, and still is, creating and discovering wonderful things as well as an expression of love. Whether it was holiday cookies, scrambled eggs, or a gourmet dinner, it was done with love and a smile. I still absolutely love cooking with mom, now affectionately referred to as Chef Granny.

As a young adult I dove into the restaurant industry. I saw and soaked up a lot doing dishes, bussing, serving, bar tending, prepping, and managing. I felt right at home in the chaos of the lunch or dinner rush. It was crazy, but fun!

A few years in the Air Force, followed by a few years in fiber optic test equipment sales and I realized I am happiest in the kitchen. I enjoy playing with my food. In summary, I have no formal training as a chef. Although, between cooking with mom, 12 years in various restaurants, and just plain experimenting, I have learned a lot about flavors and different techniques. I pour my heart into what I create in the kitchen and I am very good at it. I have enjoyed sharing these talents as Thyme is Precious since 2005.

The thing I enjoy most is watching my family, friends and clients enjoying my creations and loving my food. I would love to share it with you, your family and your friends. I think they will love it too.